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Check out our select vendors around the country who carry our designs. You may find them at many dog shows around the country, or call them direct to inquire and order.



Design updates

Thousands of designs

Beth Hickman has created thousands of dog designs over the years, from Affenpinchers to Bernese to Yorkies, and everything in between! New breeds and designs are added on a regular basis, so check back often. Don't see a breed or design you want? Call us and we will see about adding your request to our wish list for Beth to work on.

Beth & Fred Hickman move to Florida

2008 - After several years in Reeds Springs Missouri, Fred & Beth Hickman move back to sunny Florida.

Currently enjoying the warm weather year round and a change of scenery the artistic couple continues to create new and unique designs to add to our collection.

With interest beyond just canines, Beths artwork includes horses, ferrets, tropical birds, aquatic life and more.

Web Update

Crackdown on copyright violations moves forward. We continue to monitor and pursue individuals who unlawfully use B.Hickman artwork without permission. This is done for 2 reasons, to protect our customers from unscroupulous dealers and forgeries, and to protect our authorized vendors.

Have a potential violation to report? Give us a call!


New breeds added to designs

New breeds added to the design lineup in the last 18 months include Beauceron, Icelandic Sheepdog, Leonberger, Norwegian Lundehund, Rat Terrier, Swedish Valhund and Tibetan Mastiff. In the unlikely event you don't see your breed yet, let us know and we will put it on our list.


All text, images and art Copyright 2009 WitchWynds Designs, MBMA Corporation and Beth Hickman. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or duplicate